Welcome to the Northwest, North Wales and The Isle of Man Congenital Heart Network

The purpose of the lifelong Congenital Heart Disease Network is to bring together a wide range of providers to work across  organisational boundaries to ensure that everyone has access to high quality, evidenced-based care. The goal of the Northwest, North Wales and The Isle of Man Congenital Heart Network is to address and reduce inequality and improve patient experience and outcomes. We work with the principle of putting the patient at the heart of services. We are committed to developing excellent CHD services through every stage of a person’s journey.

Anyone with congenital heart disease in the Northwest, North Wales and the Isle of Man will receive the right care at the right time at the right place by the right person and be happy with that care.


We are pleased to announce the release of our Annual Report for the financial year 2023-2024. This comprehensive document provides a detailed overview of our achievements, challenges, and milestones over the past year.

In this year’s report, you will find:

  • Key Performance Highlights: A summary of our major accomplishments and financial performance.
  • Project Updates: Insights into the progress and impact of our ongoing projects and initiatives.
  • Community Impact: Stories and testimonials from those we have supported and collaborated with.
  • Future Goals: Our strategic plans and objectives for the upcoming year.

We encourage you to read the report and share your thoughts and feedback. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable to us as we strive to improve and grow our network.  Click on the image below to open and download the report.



We are keen to receive feedback about your experiences of being cared for across our Congenital Heart Network. If you are a parent or a carer looking after a child with a heart problem or have grown up with your congenital heart condition yourself and you are now an adult – we would like to hear from you. All of the information received will be reviewed regularly to help us continually improve the care that we provide across a lifetime. Please click on the links below and choose the most appropriate survey.

Patients and families can provide feedback on multiple occasions if necessary. The questionnaires are appropriate for patients regardless of where they receive their care.

On behalf of the Network ‘Thank You’ for helping to improve our services.

CHD Network Patient Survey Link

A4 CHD Network Patient Survey poster

This survey will remain live and the Network will be receiving a quarterly report of the outcomes so we would really value your help in sharing this information on a regular basis.

NW CHD ODN – Winter 2023 Newsletter – Click Here