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Patient Information Day - 14th October 2023

Programme – Patient Information Day 14th October 2023

Children's Heart Association - Pizza with the Elves - Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th December 2022

The Children’s Heart Association is our local North West Charity that does an awful lot to support families who have a child with congenital heart problems. They put on  ‘Pizza with Elves’ events on 10th and 11th December. These are fantastic events that everyone seems to enjoy. They are a good way for new families to meet other families and to access the support that the charity can offer.

Further details on the CHA Facebook page: Pizza With Elves | Facebook

Places can be booked at: Children’s Heart Association event tickets from TicketSource.

Event Poster

15th October 2022 - Patient Information Day
19th November 2021 - ACHD Study Day


‘Tetra of Fallot’ – Dr Julia Jones, ACHD SpR

‘Transpostition of the Great Arteries’ – Anna Harrison, ACHD Nurse Specialist

6th October 2021 - Psychology Study Day


‘Clinical Health Psychology in Paediatrc Cardiology’ – Beth Callander, Trainee Health Psychologist

‘Psychological Impact of CHD’ – Dr Jess Moore, Clinical Psychologist, AH

‘Congenital Heart Disease and Autism’ – Dr Tamsin Williams, Clinical Psychologist, RMCH

‘Adjustment and Loss’ – Dr Catherine Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, RMCH

‘Transition’ – Dr Anna Maddison, Clinical Psychologist, LHCH

‘Health Related Anxiety’ – Dr Jane McLachlan, Clinical Psychologist, LHCH

‘What not to say!’ – Dr Jane McLachlan, Clinical Psychologist, LHCH

‘Building Team Resilience’ – Dr Anna Maddison, Clinical Psychologist, LHCH

15th September 2021 - Link Nurse Study Day


‘Introduction to Congenital Heart Disease’ – Michelle McLaren, Nurse Specialist, AH

‘Red Flags’ – Clair Noctor, Nurse Specialist, AH

‘Common Cardiac Drugs’ – Clair Noctor, Nurse Specialist, AH

‘Feeding Issues’ – Lindsay Costello, Dietician, RMCH

‘Endocarditis’ – Linda Griffiths, Lead Nurse, NW CHD Network

‘Having a Cardiac Procedure’ – Pam Grimward, Nurse Specialist, RMCH

‘Having a Heart Operation’ – Katie Darnell, Nurse Specialist, RMCH

‘Transition’ – Pat Coyle & Rosie Fawcett, Nurse Specialists, RMC





25th January 2021 - Network Study Day


‘Predictive Testing in Children in ICC’s’ – Louise Dubois, Genetic Counsellor

‘Genetics – National Update & Examples’ – Dr Vicky McKay, Consultant Geneticist

‘From Genes to Syndromes & Clinical Management’ – Dr Reza Ashrafi, ACHD Consultant Cardiologist

‘Turners Syndrome: A multi-disciplinary Approach’ – Dr Cara Williams, Consultant Gynaecologist

‘Di-George Syndome’ – Dr Petra Jenkins